Friday, February 19, 2016

[VIDEO] Lawyer SEO, What you get in your free website audit video. Lawyer SEO, Why is that law firm always #1 in Google? Find out in 24 hours. Claim your free website audit video and receive a custom shot video focused on your website and your direct competition. Academic research on the top performing law firm websites in 200 US cities was gathered over the last 28 months. The researchers found that when Google promotes websites, 94% of the time they cite SILO and backlink related reasons. If you’d like to see how the findings of this research applies to your website and how you stand up to the strongest competitors in your city, let me know, and I'll gladly shoot a 15-20 minute video comparing your website to your top 3 competitors. Go to this page to claim your website audit video: What You Get in Your Website Audit Video: – diagnosis of the problems with your site and suggested solutions – analysis of the top law firm sites in your legal specialty/city – clear plan to organically outrank your competitors ApricotLaw was recently recognized as one of the top law firm Internet marketing firms in America by National Trial Lawyers Association.

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